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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is about much more than keeping a hygienically clean workspace where you can prepare delicious food for customers. It is also about keeping your establishment safe for your staff and customers alike. Kitchen fan & filter cleaning is an essential task in any commercial kitchen to keep grease build-up in the exhaust system under control and within safe levels.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning must, per regulation, be carried out by qualified and licensed professionals and serves to:

  • Prevent fires: Arguably, one of the most essential functions of a kitchen exhaust system cleaning is to protect your establishment, staff, and customers from the fire hazards associated with grease build-up in kitchen extraction systems.
  • Compliance: Regulatory compliance concerning kitchen extraction system cleaning is in place for a reason. It once again comes down to ensuring the safety of your establishment, staff, and customers.
  • Energy efficiency: A clogged-up kitchen exhaust system will, over time, add quite a bit to your monthly utility bill. A clean system runs smoothly and efficiently instead of a less efficient system that is clogged up and expends double the energy to get the job done.
  • Air quality: Little known fact: grease enters your exhaust system by vaporisation. It stands to reason that grease vapour is present within the air particles in your commercial kitchen. A clean, optimally functioning extraction system effectively removes more vaporised grease from the air in your kitchen, thus making for a safer, cleaner working environment.
  • Improved productivity: It is a well-known fact that a clean working environment makes for healthy, happy, productive staff. Not only will you significantly reduce the number of absences due to health reasons, but staff morale and productivity will be generally better.
  • Environmental responsibility: A professional commercial exhaust canopy cleaning will help your establishment operate on a more environmentally friendly level. Your system will be more energy-efficient, and clean filters will also be more effective in stopping vaporised grease from being released into the atmosphere.
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements Cleaning Maintenance Installation
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements Cleaning Maintenance Installation

Professional kitchen exhaust duct cleaning services

We are the local professionals in kitchen extractions systems with more than 80 years of professional industry service in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. We offer superior customer service and workmanship of the highest standard.

  • Our staff are highly qualified and fully licensed, working strictly according to the highest industry standards providing full insurance compliance as well as fire assessment compliance.
  • We provide a comprehensive service, offering installations of new commercial kitchen exhaust systems and repairs and maintenance services to all makes of kitchen extractions systems.
  • Emergencies don’t happen when it is convenient. Our convenient 24/7 emergency breakdown service is available to help you out when a crisis comes up when you least expect it. We are always available when you need us.

Keeping your commercial kitchen’s extraction system functioning optimally is essential for the success of your establishment and the safety of your staff and customers. In business since 1938, no one knows kitchen exhaust systems better than the team at Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements. Contact us today and experience what real professional service is all about.


Gianni (Owner) Gusto Da Gianni Portside Wharf

I have known Billie for over 20 years I have Owned and operated many restaurants over these years and have engaged Billie @ Moda restaurant in the Brisbane city,Gianni’s steakhouse Newfarm,Gianni’s Kitchen restaurant Newfarm,Gusto Da Gianni Portside wharf and our big events complex Gianni Events Portside wharf. I would highly recommend him and his long standing company.

Fiona (Operations Manager Sono Portside) Sono Japanese Restaurant

We have been using Billie since we opened our restaurant 10 years ago. We have found him to be prompt and professional and always willing to help with our needs with Exhaust cleans and any advice. Our restaurant engaged him for our fused out Exhaust fan motor our business was up and running the same day which kept us trading for the weekend. We would highly recommend his company for all your Exhaust system requirements.

Cosimo Carvignese Belvedere Portside

We started using Billie @ Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements in 2012. His professionalism is second to none. His company is always willing and able to work around our long and arduous trading hours. Whilst the cleaning of our Exhaust hood,ducting and fan unit is being performed his staff take before and after photos of the contamination areas and on completion issue and Australian Standards Compliance Form AS/NZ 1858 — 2012. We also have used him and recommend his company for any Exhaust fan motor breakdowns and replacements for your Exhaust systems his Technicians are amazing.