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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repairs

Whether you manage a pub, restaurant or club, we understand that your kitchen needs to be fully functional to generate revenue and profits. Every moment of downtime translates to a loss of income. To navigate commercial kitchen exhaust fan repairs, you need a reliable team that you can trust, and we can assist.

Signs That You Require Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repairs

With the constant food preparation in a commercial kitchen, the exhaust fan is crucial to remove moisture and smoke from the air. Also, it can be a health hazard for kitchen staff. For this reason, you must pay attention to these signs that point to an issue with your kitchen exhaust fan.

  • If your kitchen has an unpleasant odour, the exhaust is likely malfunctioning. Repairs are essential to prevent these odours from infiltrating the dining area.
  • A constant humming noise is normal for a functioning exhaust fan, but if you can hear loud buzzing or grinding noises, you may require exhaust fan repairs.
  • Since the exhaust fan is responsible for extracting moisture and smoke, it can result in a build-up of grease over time. Ignoring the issue can lead to underperformance and noisy operation. Also, grease is a hazard in the kitchen so it’s advisable to have a professional address the problem.

If you come across any of these signs, contact us to assist you and get your exhaust fan cleaned and repaired.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements Cleaning Maintenance Installation


Gianni (Owner) Gusto Da Gianni Portside Wharf

I have known Billie for over 20 years I have Owned and operated many restaurants over these years and have engaged Billie @ Moda restaurant in the Brisbane city,Gianni’s steakhouse Newfarm,Gianni’s Kitchen restaurant Newfarm,Gusto Da Gianni Portside wharf and our big events complex Gianni Events Portside wharf. I would highly recommend him and his long standing company.

Fiona (Operations Manager Sono Portside) Sono Japanese Restaurant

We have been using Billie since we opened our restaurant 10 years ago. We have found him to be prompt and professional and always willing to help with our needs with Exhaust cleans and any advice. Our restaurant engaged him for our fused out Exhaust fan motor our business was up and running the same day which kept us trading for the weekend. We would highly recommend his company for all your Exhaust system requirements.

Cosimo Carvignese Belvedere Portside

We started using Billie @ Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements in 2012. His professionalism is second to none. His company is always willing and able to work around our long and arduous trading hours. Whilst the cleaning of our Exhaust hood,ducting and fan unit is being performed his staff take before and after photos of the contamination areas and on completion issue and Australian Standards Compliance Form AS/NZ 1858 — 2012. We also have used him and recommend his company for any Exhaust fan motor breakdowns and replacements for your Exhaust systems his Technicians are amazing.