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How To Clean A Kitchen Exhaust Fan Filter

Exhaust fans are part of the standard equipment of all commercial kitchens in Australia. Regular maintenance is essential both because of regulatory requirements and plain, basic hygiene, with the latter being expected by your patrons. A kitchen with a non-functional extraction fan or one with dirty filters is a fire and health risk and should be shut down. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions regarding how to clean a kitchen exhaust filter in your restaurant.

Why Clean a Kitchen Exhaust Fan Filter?

Understanding the importance of exhaust fan filters in your commercial kitchen is vitally important, which is why this page should be read thoroughly by all restaurant owners.

  • Why does the extraction fan have a filter? The purpose of the fan filters is to prevent smoke and grease from entering the ventilation system, where it could become a fire hazard.
  • How often should the filter be clean? The filter must be cleaned when it is dirty. The rate at which grime and grease accumulate on the filter depends on the activity in the kitchen and the type of cooking. Also, cleaning a filter before it is seriously dirty is a considerably lighter job, so the general recommendation is to clean the filter every two to four weeks.
  • What will happen if the filter is not cleaned? The short answer is that a grease encrusted filter is a health and fire risk, which means you can lose both your food licence and your insurance cover. Patrons are also highly attentive to cleanliness in the food industry, and any bad press caused by neglected extractor filters could cause people to shun the restaurant for good.
  • How to clean a kitchen exhaust filter? Take it out, soak the filter in extremely hot water with the special cleaning fluid added, dry and install.
  • Why is a commercial cleaning company a better option? We understand the special differences between honeycomb and baffle filters, knowing how to clean each type effectively and without causing damage. We provide a written record of the job, which serves as proof of regular cleaning of the filter for both the health inspector and your insurance company.
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements Cleaning Maintenance Installation
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements Cleaning Maintenance Installation

How to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen?

It is certainly possible for the handy restaurateur to self-install an exhaust fan in their small kitchen, but it is not recommended.

  • What benefits are derived from using a professional exhaust fan installer? There is considerably more to installing an extractor fan than just its physical installation. A commercial installer will calculate the correct airflow for the kitchen without going overkill and causing a draft. The installer will also certify that the installation is according to all health and safety regulations.
  • Why it’s better to use Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements? We have been doing this type of work since 1938 and have seen it all regarding extraction fans. We offer a complete service, from new installation, annual inspections, full cleaning and major overhauls and repairs of existing exhaust fan systems for a commercial kitchen, both big and small. With us, you don’t need anyone else to ensure your fans work. We also offer 24/7 emergency services, so your kitchen suffers minimal closure during a breakdown.

Get Those Extractor Fan Filters Cleaned Today

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Replacements is the choice service provider of many restaurants and hotels in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Southeast Queensland. Our work always complies with AS 1851-2012, and we provide fire risk assessments. Contact us for a free quote any time of the day.